As the head of Allenbrand & Associates Designs LLC, Shirley leads a team of talented designers and staff that work to deliver distinctive designs for both residential and commercial projects. With a primary focus in Senior Care communities, Shirley brings to the table more than two decades of experience at every level of that industry. She has developed over $150M in Senior Care Communities since 1995.

Previously a leader of Ad Astra Development, Shirley made a name for herself as a leader in unique award-winning Resident Interiors delivering distinctive Community-based concepts in Senior Living. 

She has been able to take that knowledge and translate it to a variety of spaces including business ranging from healthcare to golf courses. At Allenbrand & Associates she has created a team that is scalable and knowledgeable to tackle large communities and individual residences. 

In her spare time, Shirley is a devoted mother, grandmother and friend as well as a community volunteer. Her passion for women's heart health has led to numerous fundraising projects for the University of Kansas Hospital and the development of her own foundation The Shirley Fund, dedicated to improving cardiac care.


Shirley Allenbrand
Shirley Allenbrand

Mendi Winslow, a  native of Kansas, completed her studies in Interior Architecture and Product Design at Kansas State University. Since then,  Mendi has made a career of evaluating and creating spaces that blend beauty with practicality. Her knowledge of design and its influences not only on Senior Living but specifically Memory Care have earned her a reputation as a go-to person when creating spaces that will help adults living with memory issues. Her passion for creating a calming environment for individuals in memory care demonstrates that design is more than fabric selection. 

She began working with Shirley in 2009 and seized the opportunity to partner in the formation of Allenbrand and Associates Designs in 2015. Since then she has been a driving force behind many of the selections made for both small residential redesigns and large multi-million dollar projects. Her ability to create a whole space from nothing through the selection of colors and textures to completion with accessories has allowed clients to step back and breathe easy knowing that the space will be one that is not only beautiful but enjoyable. 

An avid reader, when she isn't creating spaces for clients, Mendi is exploring all facets of design from interior and graphic to color selection in cosmetics. Mendi and her husband live outside Kansas City with their five (fuzzy, four-legged) children and enjoy exploring the city. 

Shirley allenbrand



Our goal

We challenge ourselves to create buildings that will be cutting edge, not just now,but 20 years from now. Our scope of work includes lifestyle senior living community developments, upscale restaurants, custom homes, multifamily dwellings, remodeling, commercial design and tenant finish projects.  We are able to bring your ideas to reality with our full range of interior design services.

Due to our 20 plus years experience meeting the demands of state and federal regulations and licensing requirements, we can make the process seamless as the project transitions to the owner and occupants. We have the knowledge to select and implement the correct finishes, furniture, fabrics and equipment necessary in the senior healthcare environment that also consider the resident in creating warm, inviting spaces.  Allenbrand & Associates Design is committed to making projects succeed.

about us

Allenbrand & Associates Design, LLC formly Ad Astra Design and Ad Astra Development is an award-winning design company known for our innovative and exceptional projects. We have over 30 years of experience in design field including senior living.  Our collaborative team strives to create living spaces and work places where people are awed by the beauty and impressed by the function.